Saturday April 11, 2020


Welcome Eggheads and Folks who really, really want to be Eggheads and Welcome even folks who aren’t sure what an Egghead is, but are intrigued by either the Big Green Egg or THE EGGSFACTOR!! 

So, what is an Eggfest?  For those of you who never heard of this before, an Eggfest is a family-friendly celebration of “foodies” dedicated to cooking on the Big Green Egg!  It’s a cooking event like no other, in which we invite Big Green Egg owners (Eggheads) and Teams from all over the Mid-Atlantic to come out and demonstrate their prowess on The Ultimate Cooking Machine.  We also invite potential Egg owners to come out and get an education, try samples off Big Green Eggs, see demonstrations, and purchase a Demo Egg at a significant discount!

This is the 10th year that Mason-Dixon BBQ has been hosting a Big Green Egg event in conjunction with the IRONMAN BBQ Challenge and the Spring Open House – but the first year we have had an Official Eggfest – THE EGGSFACTOR!

In addition to the standard good time and camaraderie and associated with an Eggfest, we are also offering Eggheads/ Teams an opportunity to compete (if they so desire) against BBQ Teams and other Eggheads at the “Raising the Steaks” SCA Steak Competition on Friday evening and/or THE WING THING People’s Choice Event on Saturday.


Both events are for a great cause plus the opportunity to win Cash Prizes and Trophies!!  Do you have the EGGSFACTOR??  Ha, I‘m so happy with that name!  For more info and Registration forms, see EGGHEAD tab below…

For Eggfest visitors, you’ll get an opportunity to check out what Eggers mean when we (yeah, me too!) talk about the Ultimate Cooking Experience that is The Big Green Egg!  You will potentially see everything and anything cooked on an Egg!  As an example, my favorite thing ever at an Eggfest (and the recipe that got me hooked on Eggs) was a sliced strawberry pizza on a chocolate brownie crust, drizzled with strawberry glaze, chocolate syrup, and dusted with powdered sugar – all cooked on a Big GreenEgg…I know, right!!??

And whether you are an Egghead looking for another Egg or a newbie looking to get an Egg, you can purchase Demo Eggs at a great discount!  We provide our Eggsfactor Cooks with new Large or XL Eggs to cook with on the day of the event.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these Demo Eggs, please read the terms and conditions of the Demo Egg sales listed in the DEMO EGG tab below.

Stop out and see what all the fuss is about!  THE EGGSFACTOR at Mason-Dixon BBQ!  Saturday, April 6 2019.  9a – 3p.  1542 Buchanan Trail East, Greencastle, PA 17225.  Or call 717-643-0039 for additional information!  See you there!


1. How much does it cost to Register as a Cook at The EGGSfactor Eggfest?

Not a penny. We appreciate you coming to our Eggfest, particularly if you want to cook! We want to make your experience as fun and easy as possible and look forward to having you be a part of our Event. Just register as an Eggfest Cook by filling out the Egghead Registration
 and send it in to us and we’ll send you a confirmation and will send weekly updates as we get closer to The EGGSfactor.

2.What are you providing for Cooks at The EGGSfactor?

Each Team (up to 4)/Cook will be supplied with a 10’x10’ space (or larger), a BGE Goodie Bag, a Large or XL Egg with Eggcelerator/Nest/Shelves, Charcoal, Charcoal Starters, food safety gloves, and 8’ table. Table coverings, paper plates/serving dishes and utensils also available if needed.


3.What are Cooks responsible for?

All other items/supplies – canopies, chairs, spices, cooking utensils, coolers, etc. needed to cook your menu is the responsibility of the team/cook. We are looking for each cook to have (4) or more menu items and to have samples ready by 10:30a or so.


4. I saw on the application that I could be an Eggbassador, what’s that?

One of the goals of our Eggfest is to bring folks into the fold. To get people interested in cooking on and learning more about Big Green Eggs; to that end, we invite Eggheads to be Eggbassadors. That can work one of two ways:

  1. You can come as a Cook and then invite one of the attendees (normally someone who has purchased one of the available Demo Eggs) to come into your space and assist you with prep and cooking so they can get a feel for the Big Green Egg and develop confidence, or
  2. You can come as just an Eggbassador and not register as a Cook, in this case we provide you with a Demo Egg and with a variety of meats and veggies and you can work with attendees to show them how the Egg works and teach new Egg owners the basics of temp control, lighting, etc.


5. What is the Raising the Steaks SCA Steak Cookoff on Friday and can I participate in that?

We’re excited to be hosting the first Sanctioned Steak Cookoff in the Mid-Atlantic on Friday afternoon/evening – April 5
th – before the Eggfest on Saturday. The cost to participate in Raising the Steaks is $100.00 and that includes the meat. Each registered team receives (2) 1 1⁄4” thick Ribeye steaks and can cook them however they wish. Steaks are judges by SCA Steak Judges and cash and trophies are awarded for the top 5 winners. Top prize is $1000.00. If you are interested in being a Judge, we are also offering a Judges Class on either Friday or Saturday morning. There is a cost and registration required for the class, but it will certainly give you a feel for what is expected and certify you as a Judge for any SCA competitions near you. Plus it’s fun and easy.

For Eggheads that register to compete in Raising the Steaks, you will have access to a Demo Egg, Nest, Shelves, Charcoal, and Firestarters on Friday afternoon/evening. We’ll also let you set up everything you need for Saturday’s Eggfest. For additional information on the Raising the Steaks Competition or Judging Classes, please visit


6. What is THE WING THING and how can I participate in that?

In addition to the EGGSfactor Eggfest on April 6
th, we also host a KCBS Barbecue Competition as well. In order to bring attendees in to the Event, we give all the teams – 60 teams in all – 10lbs of chicken wings (split and tipped) to cook as they see fit. The teams then “donate” the wings to the Relay4Life who sells off Wing Samples to attendees. Event attendees then vote on their favorite wing and the team/cook with the most votes wins a cash prize and trophy and is proclaimed People’s Choice Champion.
Wings are numbered with a double blind format, so judging is very fair and anonymous. 100% of all monies raised by THE WING THING go to the Relay4Life of Greencastle. It’s a great cause and a great event – attendees love it and we’ve raised over $20,000 the past few years – and we would love to have you compete.

There is no charge to participate, just check the box on the Cooks Registration form and we’ll make sure that you are Registered and receive 10lbs of wings on Saturday morning. Wing turn-in is at 10:30a so make sure this works with your menu timeline. If needed, please let us know and we can make accommodations for you to either begin earlier than 9a or possibly provide you with an Experienced Egg just for wing cooking. It would be great if an Egghead would win THE WING THING!!


7. What’s the timeline for The EGGSfactor?

The EGGSfactor will start at 9a with the “Lighting of the Eggs” and the “Getting Lit” Lucky Shot for all Cooks of age. We are looking for Samples to come off Eggs beginning around 10:30a. The event will wrap up around 3p when we’ll extinguish Eggs and encourage them to cool down. Most of the Demo Eggs will be sold and we offer free delivery (within 25 miles of a store) the following week to folks who purchase them, so not all Eggs will need to be extinguished right at 3p.

If you are cooking a long cook, or are participating in Raising the Steaks, you are welcome to set up your site on Friday afternoon/evening. Security will be here all night.

There is also a Meet and Greet with free “boat drinks” (fruity/frothy alcoholic and non-alcoholic concoctions) and pizza (until it’s gone) and possibly steak tasting (not positive yet) for all the BBQ Teams and Eggheads from 5:30p – 6:15p on Friday evening.


8. Are there local accommodations?

Feel free to come in early on either Friday night or to compete in the Raising the Steaks.

Special Room Rates have been set up at the local Comfort Inn:

Comfort Inn & Suites 50 Pine Drive Greencastle, PA 17225 717-597-8164

Ask for the Mason-Dixon BBQ rate: $75/night

Or if you have a camper, let us know and we have plenty room. We don’t have water or electric hookups so you’ll need to fill your tanks and use your generator, but we’re happy to find a clean, level spot for you to park.


9. If I want to buy my Demo Egg, how do I do that?

Simply check off the box on your Egghead Registration indicating you want to buy the Demo Egg (see Demo Egg pricing and packages on DEMO EGG PURCHASE PROGRAM tab below) and we’ll contact you to work out the details. As an Egghead cooking at The EGGSfactor, in addition to offering you 15% off the Demo Egg, we’ll set up an Egg to your specifications and with the Eggcessories you would like to have and offer you the entire package at a 15% discount.


10. I have additional questions, who do I need to contact?

For the best answers we can give, please send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 717-643-0039 and we’ll help as best we can!!


So you’ve been interested in getting a Big Green Egg…but you’re not sure. The price scares you a bit and you aren’t exactly sure how it works. Your buddy has one and raves about it, but he’s always talking about stuff like it’s the greatest…but that Big Green Egg…that’s interesting! THIS IS THE EVENT FOR YOU!

What do I need to know? Well, I’m glad you asked…

What is The EGGSfactor Eggfest?

An Eggfest is a gathering of like-minded Big Green Egg enthusiasts (Eggheads) who come in from all over the Mid-Atlantic for the joy and fun of cooking on Big Green Eggs and sharing ideas and recipes that they’ve developed.

Can I talk to the Eggheads while they are cooking?

Interaction is an integral part of any Eggfest. And try to get an Egghead to not talk about their experiences on Big Green Eggs! This IS NOT a secret society…it is the exact opposite! With any luck, you’ll soon be an Egghead and cooking at an Eggfest and telling other folks about your recipes and what you can do on a Big Green Egg!

Can I cook on a Big Green Egg before I purchase it?

Absolutely, but you might miss out on the big Demo Egg Discounts if you wait. However, if you want to cook on an Egg, we’ll have a “hand-on” area set up where you’ll get to work with an Eggbassador who can show you how an Egg works, how to light it, how to control the temperature, and we’ll even have food for you to cook – although all samples have to be shared with the visitors to the Event.

What if I’m interested in buying a Big Green Egg at The EGGSfactor?

You are welcome to buy a new Egg at the Event OR the real deal is to purchase a Demo Egg. Purchasing a Demo Egg normally requires you to commit to purchasing an Egg prior to coming to the Eggfest, but you get a SIGNIFICANT Discount on the Egg if you go that route. Demo Eggs are limited in quantity so pre-ordering is recommended. Once they are sold out, they are sold out. To purchase a Demo Egg or for more info, click here.

Can you describe a Demo Egg?

A Demo Egg is an Egg being used by one of the Eggheads at The EGGSfactor Eggfest. It is brand new
when fired up that morning and will be cooked on one time – the day of the event. Some Eggs will be
used as grills, some as brick ovens to bake, and some as smokers…and some will be used for all three! It
will depend on the menu that the Egghead, cooking on that Egg, prepares…and you never know what that
will be!

Am I just getting the Egg – what comes with it?

In addition to Free Assembly, Demo Eggs are set up the same way as a PACKAGE. The package includes
the Big Green Egg (M, L, XL), a Nest, a Plate Setter (Eggcelerator – allows you to smoke/bake on an Egg),
and wood shelves (Eggmates). If you are interested in other accessories, they will be available at a 15%
discount, or if you want composite shelves instead of wood shelves or don’t need a Nest, etc., those
arrangements can be made if we are aware of them ahead of time. Tables are also available if interested.
To purchase a Demo Egg or for more info, click here.

Can I take my Egg home that day?

We would prefer that you do so! We will begin cooling Eggs around 3p, but these are Eggs and might
take a while to cool down. So be patient. Normally around 5p they are cool enough to load up. You will
need at least 36” of clearing height in your SUV, Minivan, or Truck to load the Egg. We will not load
them into sedans or coupes. Also, we recommend you bring blankets and straps to secure your new Egg.
Then you can enjoy your Egg on Sunday! To purchase a Demo Egg or for more info, click here.

Do I have to take my Egg home that day?

Absolutely not, you can make arrangements to pick up your Egg the following week at either of our stores
– Frederick, MD or Greencastle, PA – or we can deliver it to you. We will be offering FREE DELIVERY
within 25 miles of either store – AT OUR CONVENIENCE. That means as our schedule permits. All
delivery Eggs will be delivered within 10 days of The EGGSfactor unless other arrangements are made.

When do I have to pay for my Demo Egg?

As Demo Eggs are in limited supply and the deals are so good, a $100 non-refundable deposit will be
charged to your card when we receive this order form. The balance due will be charged to your Credit
Card 2 days prior to The EGGSfactor.

Do I have to be at The EGGSfactor to purchase a Demo Egg?

Nope, but we would miss you and you would miss out on a great opportunity to learn to cook on you
Egg!! And you have to pick up your Egg the following week unless delivery is arranged.

What’s the timeline for The EGGSfactor?

The EGGSfactor will start at 9a with the “Lighting of the Eggs” and the “Getting Lit” Lucky Shot. Samples
will be coming off Eggs beginning around 10:30a. The event will wrap up around 3p when we’ll extinguish
Eggs and encourage them to cool down.

I have additional questions, who do I need to contact?

For the best answers we can give, please send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at
717-643-0039 and we’ll help as best we can!!

Mason Dixon, P.O. Box 153, Shady Grove, PA 17256